Uptime monitor creation error

João Junior 9 years ago updated by Jose Hart 8 years ago 5
Uptime monitor creation error:
Please ensure, that this host is accessible from the Internet

I am getting this over and over when i try to Start uptime monitor,
I have the WHM plugin setup in two dedicate server and i am using the same account for both..
one is ok and perfect running but the second one i have this error going on over and over ...

its all running... but one of my WHM i am not able to start uptime monitor..

Creating uptime monitor
Setting up panel monitoring account and webspace. Please wait ..

after a while it just give the error above ..

could you help me to resolve this issue please ?
it was causing the error because the username "anturism" was Disabled at Manage Shell Access ( WHM )

i resolved this issue by inserting the username "anturism" into Jailed Shell or Normal Shell*

if somebody else goes to the same issue.. that is the fix !!

I got the same problem but don't have a user called 'anturism' or something similar on my WHM? Should I manually create it?
If you setup the WHM plugin that user should be available, there is no need to create it manual !!!
Under review
You are absolutely right