Not a bug

Getting excessive repeated text messages for incidents which ended 2 hours ago

mchowdhary 11 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 11 years ago 4

Why is this happening? The incident screen shows no current incidents in progress, yet I am still receiving the same SMS message repeatedly.


We'll check. What is the message text btw?


Update: according to our logs there were 4 incidents and you received 8 SMSes (2 per incident). 

Could you please provide more info about your experience: 

how many SMS did you receive and how late were they comparing to the incident times?

what was the SMS text?



I received 35 SMS messages for "Critical Incident of 07:04 20/11 involving Websites ENDED."  So, the original incident started at 7:04, and ended at 8:08, but I was receiving SMS messages up to two hours later with the exact same text as indicated above.  The incident tab on the Anturis dashboard shows this incident as starting at 7:04 and ending at 8:08, so it was a duration of 1 hour.




Thank you for these details.

We do not see a problem on our side. We only send you 8 SMSes and in due time. 

The described behaviiour may also be caused by SMS gateway, SMS relay or your mobile operator. We appologise for inconvinience but there is no much we can do here. Let's see if this situation repeats (hopefullly not :).