Double alerts - in problem and incident categories

gumbuya 10 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 10 years ago 5
In the past few months of using the alert system, we have been essentially receiving "double" alerts in problem and incident categories.

Finally grew tired of them and unlinked all our service layers so they are not related in the infrastructure module.

However it seems we still get incident alerts on top of problem alerts. How do we totally eliminate the incidents? thanks
in problem and incident categories
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Thank you for a good question. Let me clarify how alerts work.

There are two types of alerts in the system: Incident alerts and Problem alerts.

Problem is when something bad happens with a single component. Incident happens with the graph of linked components, and it consists of problems happening at the same time. Incident alerts are good in the sense that they aggregate all the bad events in one notification (which prevents alert spam. Problem alerts are good if you need a specific person to be notified about only a subset of components.

Note, that even a single Component is "a graph", so it can generate Incident alerts.

Incident alerts are configured in Edit Person dialog as shown below:

Problem alerts are configured in Edit Component dialog as shown below:

So in total there are 4 alerting options for a certain Person:
  not responsible for a Componentresponsible for a Component 
 notify about all Incidentsgets one Incident alertgets Incident alert and Problem alert 
 do not notify about Incidentsgets nothing  gets one Problem alert

In your particular case I see one Person with team email alias configured to receive Incident alerts. This can be a reason you receive 2 emails.

Ah so that's what the all incidents check box is really about. Thanks.
Do you think of a better name for it?
I don't know about names, just that the first time using it I never had the conceptual understanding just by looking at the UI that there were even two categories of alerts, and the responsible contacts get Problem alert while the check box get Incident alerts. I think having the UI present explanations about the implications of each setting will be useful.

We had a group email address set with all incidents so I didn't have to assign that individually responsible for all components. So now the group email is also responsible for all so we just get problem and no incident alerts.