Not a bug

1 Notification and consumed 8 notifications

rodrigogomes 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 3
I received 1 alert and were consumed 8 alerts of my account. That's wrong.
Under review

In October you received 2 calls and 8 SMS. So, 10 notifications was deducted from your balance.

I see the Administrator person subscribed for all incidents in infrastructure and also he subscribed for the two components. So, when some problem appears on component local@Blizhost or apache@Blizhost Administator will receive two SMS notifications about problem start and incident start. Also he receive two calls notifications about problem and incident starts. So, 4 notifications will be used for one issue.
I can recommend you to turn off 'Notify about all incidents' for Administrator person or make Administrator person not responsible for components. In this case you will not get duplicated notifications.

Please read about incident\problem notification in our wiki http://wiki.anturis.com/index.php?title=Anturis_system_essentials:_terminology,_main_elements_and_notifications_settings and also here http://community.anturis.com/topic/429377-double-alerts-in-problem-and-incident-categories/

I did what you suggested, thanks.