Is anturis still operational ???

Kimmo Summanen 3 years ago updated by Eelco van Houttum 3 years ago 4

I havent been able to contact to anturus support or sales. Emails to them are bouncing back, tryed from different emails (O365 and google). They have billed us too much from credit card and would be nice to contect them to get refund.

Does anyone has better way of contacting them than sales@anturis.com or support@anturis.com


This is not a good sign,just signed up with them today, tried to get some answers about some bugs in their monitor reports...


Seems to be dead company.... Have to do report of an offence to police to get refund process going from credit card company. Cannot recommed this company to anyone.

Yeah, seems like they are just getting the monthly fees and no new development or support

They have charged my PayPal account but did not deliver the licenses. Email to sales and support are bounced.

A shame the monitors where working fine.

If someone knows how to reach them I would like to know aswell.