No longer receiving reports from Anturis

Kelvin 4 years ago updated by jamie 4 years ago 3


I'm no longer receiving daily, weekly, or monthly uptime reports from Anturis. The last report I received was on 29th of June 2020. 

Hi Kevin, this is the same for me but with email alerts. Are you on a free account by any chance ? I think they may have pulled the reports and emails from the free accounts or they must have email problem and choose not to communicate I logged issue with support about 3 days ago and not got a response at all so I guess they don't care about free accounts which is bad news because if you are testing the service like I am then it does not inspire you to migrate to a paid account if they choose to ignore you.

Hey Jamie,

I'm on a paid account and I'm not getting any response from them either. Submitted a support ticket and sent an email to their support. We even went to the extent of reaching out to them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but to no avail. Honestly, if the company is no longer operating, they might as well let us know and shut it down.

Yes I agree they should just post on web site and twitter etc it must been a "ghost ship" just coming to the end of their paid hosting and getting cut off slowly.