Monitor Windows Services are not possible because plugin "PowerShell" is needed... (Server 2012, Server 2016)

Se. De. 5 years ago updated by Gma950 5 years ago 2

Dear Anturis Support,

I have Server 2012 and 2016 with valid last Anturis Agent installed.

I cannot search about the Windows Services once I add my windows Server into the infrastructure.

I have already last Windows Updates and PowerShell is installed as well.

Please advise because I test the trail version to purchase if it works fine for 20 Servers!

I wait for your response.

Windows Server run on VMware ESXi 6.0 and ESXi 6.5 infrastructure.

currently, I test and will decide to use it for 30 Servers or not...

Please advice.

Thanks from Germany

No one there who can support or advice??..

I have a similar problem, but the agent is installed on the windows server 2012r2 host, the power shell update did not help, the agent reinstallation did not help