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When CPULoad is missing from /server-status?auto the Anturis Agent gives error

José Proença 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 3
Sometimes the CPULoad parameter given by the /server-status?auto is not present at all in its output.
This makes the Anturis Agent give an error.
It seems that the CPULoad is omited from the server-status?auto output when it's somewhat near zero. I've concluded this because for these cases the output in the server-status main page is

CPU Usage: u0 s0 cu0 cs0

Again the "n% CPU load" is not present.

I'm on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS in a AWS EC2 t2.micro instance.
Apache 2.4.7
ExtendedStatus is ON.

I've saved an output when this behavior occurs into here:
Under review
Thanks for info. We'll think how to implement workaround for this apache bug.