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  • A component is just a box for monitors. It can be an empty box, so you can create an unlimited number of components within a free plan.
  • An infrastructure is a collection of components.
  • You can add a monitor to a single component only.

I suggest you to take a look at this overview of basic concepts:

Hope this helped.

Please describe your configuration in more detail, preferably with screenshots of your setup.


Could you please repeat agent installation and provide MSI logs created as follows: 

msiexec /i anturis-agent.msi /l log.txt


Would you please share logs from c:\programdata\anturis monitoring\ and a screenshot of the service in question with the account it should run under visible?


Could you please also execute "iptables -nvL"?

Please also share contents of /opt/anturis/log.

Thank you!

Hi sonne734 and joshgilson,

Thank you for your feedback.

We have this app in our plans, but currently there is no due date for implementation.