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What happened?
It's unacceptable to stay 5 days without receiving any kind of notification and we have no feedback from Anturis about what happened!
How will you ensure that this kind of unavailability never happens again?
How to trust Anturis monitoring?
We're still waiting for answers

It's been 4 days that my box is not being delivered either.


Do you have any dates?


I'm have many problem with agent of the Anturis, in this case I have wich to restart the agent when I receive problem to all services.

Can you help me?


In which port does anturis client connects to IP

Which protocol is used for that, TCP or UDP?

We have been experiencing problems with multiple shell monitors on the same agent.

It seems that when one of the monitors halt or takes too long to respond, the other monitors are affected.

Does that make any sense to you?


Also I need the same functionality you plan to implement?It is expected?
Gentlemen, news regarding create different levels of users?
I'm having the same problem.
No Problem severity field, even changing the level for info, yet received alert.
It is expected to resolve the problemação.